summer camp

Summer Camp Replacement Ideas

The lawnmowers are roaring, the bees are buzzing, and is it just us or are the kids getting louder too? No doubt about it, summer’s starting to roll into town and we’re pulling out all the stops. Keep reading for tips on how to crush this summer’s expectations and keep customers coming back for more!

Know What You’re Up Against

If you’re based in the east coast, chances are that kids start going to summer camp in the next month or so. And though not every summer camp is all summer long like we imagined when we were kids, it can still mean a month or two away from home. How do you compete against something like that? Honestly, it’s a task we can’t recommend. But what you can do is make your trampoline park as fun and exciting to keep the kids who are staying home as happy as if they were camping.

Think about forming your own summer camp, with rotating crafts and s’mores galore. Make it even easier by partnering with a non-profit or after-school program in your area.

Look at what works for your park and try to make it better. Experimentation never hurts! Consider summer camp-themed birthday parties or movies out on the lawn to celebrate summer.

Streamline Your Processes

Worried about adding too much to your park’s offerings? Our trampoline park software can easily be edited to include new snacks and activities. Keep everyone safe with our electronic liability waivers and make sure parents have activities, too! At the end of the day, your job is to ensure people are having fun, and our trampoline park point of sale software helps you do that better than ever.

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