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Business Tips: Memorial Day Edition

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. The holidays are your friend when you’re in the family entertainment business. AND, Memorial Day is often considered the official start of summer in this hemisphere, so it’s a very important holiday for us. Think about it: if you set a great example for customers at the beginning of the summer, you can stay in their minds for all of summertime.

Want to learn a bit more about how to take advantage of Memorial Day and make summer great? Keep reading.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Customers expect a certain level of service. They expect you to sell no-slip socks if you require that they wear them in your park. It just makes sense. But, they don’t expect a certain level of customer service past that. Make your customers feel special, and make sure to do this everyday (not just on special occasions). Give them plenty of snack options, and make sure they taste good. Everyone can recognize a microwaved meal when they see one.

Your Customer and Your Customer

You may think that you just have one customer, but you don’t. Not only do you have to make the kids happy, you should be making the parents happy too. If it’s a pain for them to come to your family entertainment center, they’ll convince their kids to go somewhere else. Keep the parents in mind when you’re considering upgrades or new products. Moms and dads will love you if you can go above and beyond to make sure they’re having fun, too. For example, consider selling sweatpants or yoga pants for those parents who weren’t planning on jumping, but then realized they were missing out.

Follow Up

One of the best ways to please your customers is to ask them what you can do to please them. It’s not rocket science, but we’re so often afraid of getting negative feedback that we don’t even ask. We could be getting useful feedback and positive reviews! Sending a short follow-up email with a few questions can really help you get clear on what you’re doing right, and what may need work.

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