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How to Hire for your Family Entertainment Center

It seems like spring has taken its sweet time coming to the U.S., but soon enough summer will be here. And with summer comes summer jobs. And while our trampoline park software can do a lot for your trampoline park, there are some jobs that are best done by a good old-fashioned person.

We fondly remember working our first jobs at sandwich shops, swimming pools, and the now defunct video rental store (RIP Blockbuster). Honestly, we believe that those first jobs give you the confidence to interact with strangers and stretch your math skills, among other things. As an employer, hiring one or a few employees will save your energy and *probably* your sanity. Keep reading for some key things to look for in a new employee and how to hire the right fit for your family entertainment center.

Keep it in the Family

If you have a niece, nephew, or even a kid of your own, consider offering them a place at your family entertainment center. Chances are they'll jump at the chance to earn a little more money, and you're likely to get a more motivated employee than someone who applies from an ad on your website.

Hire the Right Person, and Train

This might be controversial, but we believe personality trumps experience when it comes to most jobs. Certain things can be taught, like how to use specialized trampoline park point of sale software and how you prefer your snack bar organized. Other things, though, like how to be nice to customers and how to get to work on time, can be much much harder to instill. Get a feel for who you're talking to and don't be afraid to train the right person!

Overwhelmed by the thought of running your new business yourself? Get hiring!

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