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Man Crush Mo-Sunday: Daniel Furney

You know that creeping feeling you get on Sunday night, that the work week is just around the corner? Real Talk: It's not a myth. You really only have a few more precious hours of "official weekend time" left. But don't worry, because we've got a fun tidbit to make you forget that Monday is just around the corner.

Now, once upon a time there was a young man named Daniel Furney. You may have heard of him, especially if you're from Oklahoma or follow collegiate gymnastics. To put it bluntly, he was a pretty amazing gymnast. In fact, at the time he was in college, he was the most decorated male gymnast in the history of the University of Oklahoma. But as fate would have it, gymnastics would only play a small part of his brilliant career. Unfortunately, his knee developed some repetitive issues and he was forced to retire from gymnastics.

We've read enough motivational quotes on Instagram to know when someone is pretending to be okay when they really aren't AT ALL okay. But what we really connect with is how Furney reacted to a pretty big change in plans: with a great attitude and a genuine acceptance of a tough situation. Furney said, "Despite how hard it is to move on, I just need to find the positives out of this and move forward with my life."

And he did. He became Assistant Coach to his former teammates, then after he moved into a different part of life, became co-owner of the newly opened House of Air in Crowley, Texas.

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Happy Su-Monday, everyone!