The ONE THING You Need to Do In Europe

Oh yeah, we know we got you with that clickbait headline. We can't stand feeling left out in the cold (thank you, Meghan Markle & your royal wedding for making us read gossip mags again), so why not give it a whirl ourselves? 

There actually is one thing you need to do next time you're in Europe (possibly between May 20th and 22nd). Yes, it's trampoline park-related. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's International Association of Trampoline Parks Goes to Europe!

Seriously, we are so excited for IATP's  2nd Annual European Conference & Trade Show this May. We're looking forward to meeting more industry newbies, and catching up with some of our colleagues who have been there from the beginning. Also, we're not mad that it gives us the excuse to visit amazing Amsterdam.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network, learn, and eat! We can't wait to meet more trampoline park owners, operators, and people just looking to get into the industry. Learn more about the conference right here and let us know if you're planning on coming in the comments below.

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