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Keeping it Local: Tips to Make Extra Money

We’ve heard it a millions times, “Money ain’t everything.” But it is a way to feed your family, and one of the only ways in modern society (unless you live on an idyllic farmer’s commune). So, in light of that, keep reading for a few tips to make some extra money from your family entertainment center.

Look into local food trucks, and the possibility of hosting a small-scale food truck park a few times a week. Charge a reasonable fee for them to set up shop and feed all of the local businesses around your location. You might not get many jumpers on their lunch break, but you will get more eyes on your place and a little extra dough.

If we had a dollar for every famous person we know… it still might not be a lot. But, if you have a local X Games athlete in your neighborhood, it might be worth hitting them up for lessons. Kids love learning new tricks, and you can charge a small fee for use of the foam pit they’ll be flipping into. Get them into their lessons fast with our Electronic Liability Waiver setup!

You know what people can’t get enough of? Puppies. Get in touch with your local animal shelter and see about teaming up to host a pet adoption event. Dogs barking in your parking lot not your thing? There are plenty of other non-profits that will help you attract new customers. They might not have a big budget, but doing some good will really help your PR with the locals. Plus, you can still sell concessions to everyone coming by to pet some doggos. Looking to upgrade your Trampoline Park POS to make that happen? We can help with that.

Who are these “famous bloggers” we keep hearing about and what do they do? To be honest, they all do different things. One thing we know for sure is they’re always on the hunt for something new to try. That’s where you come in. Reach out to some bloggers from your area and host a party for them. They’ll bring their photographers (most of them have one on staff!) to capture great moments. Consider a few different options: some will work on trade, providing you with great content for your social media accounts whereas others will probably want discount codes for their followers. Think out of the box and grow your biz!

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