American Horror Story: I Lost My Data

We recently heard a story that gave us chills up and down our spines. We lost our appetite and couldn’t sleep. We tossed and turned, and would have slept with the lights on if we thought it would’ve helped.

Imagine working hard on your business. Spending long nights crunching numbers, formatting your family entertainment center software, and putting in time building your trampoline park instead of relaxing on weekends and week nights with friends or family. Knowing you were building something big that could support your family and allow you to be there with them for dance recitals and soccer games.

Then, you lose it all.

This is essentially what happened. One person in the trampoline park industry had to fire an employee (we don’t know the details), and that fired employee took a magnet to their local server. Imagine having a vulnerability in your business that could be so easily exploited. This person lost ALL of their data for their business. All because of one quick decision made out of anger.

Sure, they still had the trampoline park facility and the employees, but imagine the chaos that would ensue. Without your data, customers wouldn’t have any saved information or preferences. Anything purchased before would be lost. Booked birthday parties, pre-booked tickets, waiver history, and customer data would be wiped out.

You could get past it, of course. In time, you could collect new customer information and build up new lists. You’d probably lose out on many customers who were negatively affected by the shuffle, and lose money.

Wouldn’t you rather avoid the problem to begin with? Imagine showing up on a Saturday with 20 parties booked and not knowing when they would arrive, who it was for, how much had been paid, or if anyone had waivers. Avoid the problem by using cutting-edge trampoline park software, like Active8.

If you want to learn more about how we can help keep your important data secure with trampoline park point of sale software saved in the cloud, give us a call at 1 (888) 500-2618 to schedule a demo today.