How Your Customers Can Do Everything Online

*File this under: Easy Peasy*

Americans are spending more and more time online than ever before: we shop, learn, and plan parties all online. We price-compare, fact-check, and dig into the Yelp reviews of various ramen restaurants around town before we head out for dinner. It's safe to say that we love the convenience of staying at home and getting chores accomplished in our pajamas and we're definitely NOT tossing out our laptops anytime soon. How can you use this information to help make your trampoline park a success? Team up with Active8 for family entertainment center software that helps your customers plan their outing right from home!

Keep reading for a few ways your customers can tap into your park (via our trampoline park software) at home. 

Ticket Sales

It seems like a no-brainer, but we're still shocked by how many companies don't allow for purchases online. We make buying tickets to your park super easy!

Party Booking

Looking to book a party? Our birthday party booking software is specifically designed to make booking large groups a breeze. 

Event Management

Need to make changes to your event, like adding a few extra guests? Not a problem! Your guests don't need to call you to update guest lists. They can just log in to edit and tweak guest lists and food items.


The biggest hassle and time-waster in a trampoline park is getting in to have some fun. Even if your park allows for purchases online, chances are good that that's where the convenience ends. Your guests are wondering what's the point of buying tickets online when you still have to wait in line to hand in signed waivers? We allow for parents to sign waivers online. They're linked to the customer in our system so your guests have a speedy check-in experience.

Family & Friend Management

We keep things simple, intuitive, and quick. We looked at how people use trampoline parks and tailored our software to their experience. When was the last time two ten-year olds just showed up at your park by themselves? It's probably pretty rare! So, it just made sense to group people together in who they jump with. Families are linked together to keep everyone organized and happy.

Just remember this when it comes to your customers: the easier the better! Keep thinking about how to streamline processes for your customers. What else would you like to see from Active8 POS to make things easier for your customers?

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