Trampoline Parks Vs. Backyard Trampolines

There are not-so-fun jobs and dream jobs. Thankfully, we like to think we operate under the latter. After all, we work with some amazing companies who are do their best to help people have the best time ever. We're constantly gathering feedback to help your trampoline park run smoothly (which only allows patrons to have an even better time). We know your Trampoline Park Software needs to support your staff and help you reach your goals easier. If you're curious about trampoline parks–maybe you're even thinking about starting one–then keep reading to learn about how they differ from your average backyard trampoline.

The end-all be-all of any successful family entertainment center is safety. Not only is it key to your bottom-line, keeping your patrons safe will keep them happy and improve your relationship with them. When you have customers who trust you, they're more likely to come back more frequently, speak positively about you, and even give you valuable feedback about what might not be working for you. Essentially, you're likely to gain some new friends if you show you're a trustworthy business-owner. 

Your average backyard trampoline has getting a bad rap over the last fifteen years. Unsupervised kids have been bouncing each other too high and causing injuries that suck the fun out of that trampoline. Thankfully, improvements like netting and padding on springs have helped reduce injuries. But we still believe that kids (especially young kids) need to be supervised while jumping. 

Family entertainment centers with trampolines are designed with safety in mind, but that doesn't mean they're foolproof. Padding and other safety precautions won't do any good if kids aren't supervised. One of the nice things about trampoline parks is kids are usually there with parents. So, while parents can be distracted when kids are in the backyard, they're usually a little more focused when they're at the trampoline park. Plus, many trampoline parks have extra supervision in the form of employees (especially near foam pits).

If you're concerned about safety, then know that Active8's Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software can help you manage overcrowding (which can lead to accidents), and make sure parents know the risks of jumping with our Electronic Liability Waiver system. At the end of the day, safety comes first because only after that's taken care of can the fun happen.

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