How to Get Your Employees to Feel Invested

Memorial Day signals the real beginning of spring for so many kids throughout the country. Summer vacation is close, and might already be in full swing in your neighborhood. It's a big day for barbecuing and getting ready for summer. So, with the Memorial Day dust settled, how did you feel about your first trampoline park's foray into summer? Maybe you're looking to upgrade your Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software. (If you are, we can help.) But, if you're looking for improvements from your employees, keep reading to learn how to help them feel more invested in what you do.

Make Work Fun

Having a good team that gets along can make all the difference between happy employees and workers who can't wait to punch out. Encouraging your team to get along with a quick get-to-know-you game or party can help them like coming to work a little more. They might not show how happy they are on the outside, but getting a chance to learn a little about each other can really help down the road when they need to switch shifts or pass the time on a quiet morning.

Game-ify It

Encourage good work ethic by showing employees that their extra efforts won't go unrewarded. You don't need to offer a huge bonus to make it worth their while. Buy a gift card every once in a while and have a competition. Who can sell the most grippy socks in a week? Who can make the perfect ice cream cone swirl? 

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