Trampolines and Health: Duh, They're Good for You

It shouldn't be ground-breaking news that jumping on a trampoline is good for your health, but it's always a nice reminder for those of us less inclined to visit the gym. Heck, even for those of us who do like the gym it's nice to switch up your routine and avoid hitting that dreaded plateau. What? You think we spend all our time making Trampoline Park Software? We have to stay fit, too!

So, read on for a few reasons why hitting the trampoline park might just be as good as hitting the gym.

It's better cardio than running, especially if you worry about your knees. Repeatedly hitting the pavement is really stressful on joints, especially knees. Some lower-impact exercises include swimming and jumping on a trampoline (because the trampoline absorbs some of the shock). Who's going to try incorporating trampoline exercise classes into their schedules? Us. 

It's good for your lymphatic system. Studies show that jumping or "rebounding" on a small trampoline can do wonders for that little-talked-about lymphatic system. Essentially, our lymph circulates throughout our bodies just like blood to remove waste, but without a pump. So how does it move without an organ like the heart to pump? It relies on gravity & muscle contractions, but jumping can really help the whole process along. Here's a sample trampoline routine from

It's fun. You can force yourself to go to yoga, pilates, or Crossfit but if you don't like it, you're not really going to go very often (or try hard). One of the biggest things that trampolines have going for them is the FUN factor. We think this is why trampoline parks are growing so fast. This article mentions a study where people even reported being less physically exhausted after jumping on a trampoline. Even though they reached the same level of intensity, they reported it as being less difficult (probably because it's so fun). Sounds pretty cool to us!

Time to go bounce!

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