Spring Cleaning for Summer Fun

Though it doesn’t feel like it through most of the country, winter is officially over tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow marks the Spring Equinox, also known as the official first day of spring. Cue the tulip bulbs to start popping up!

Regardless of your feelings on gardening, it’s still a perfect time to dig into some spring cleaning. So get ready for our top tips to get your family fun center in tip top shape for spring.

First Impressions Matter

The outside of your building is very important, as it serves as the first thing your customers notice about the place! If you have any “green space” on your property, it’s time to take another look at it. Call a tree-trimmer, organize a lawn mowing service if you need it, and plant some easy-to-maintain bushes in the garden beds. Take a look at the whole exterior of your facility and write down any fixes you might need to do. Think about re-painting, fixing windows, re-painting the parking lot, or even calling a professional window-cleaning service.

Same Goes for Inside

Take a long walk around the entire inside of your family fun center. Do you need to have anything fixed or replaced? Basketball nets wear out, foam bumpers start looking crumbly, and foam blocks need a little pick-me-up. Focus on the key pieces to keep safety in check.

Think With Your Stomach

Not excited about going through concessions numbers? We feel that. But we also feel that there’s always room for improvement. Take no prisoners and resolve to toss out the slowest selling item of last year (take into account seasonality--nobody wants hot chocolate in the middle of July!) Try something new: smoothies or fancy flavored sodas might be your new best-seller.

Focus on the Biz

Ignoring software updates? Stop it and spend a day or two updating your internal infrastructure. Test your backup system and your Trampoline Park Software in its entirety. Update your Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software so everything’s easy to use. If it’s not seamless, give us a call and we’ll show you what we can do!

What's on your to-do list for spring?