Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Well, January seemed to last a whole year, but we’ve finally made it to February. Though this month is short, it packs a punch. Welcome to Black History Month, as well as the month that hosts President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and some hashtag holidays (everybody, how are you celebrating National Umbrella Day?). Once again, your favorite Trampoline Park Software Company is here to help you up your game.

February might be a welcome change, but some of us are still playing catch up. The football parties are over, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Were you caught off guard, too? Keep reading for some last minute ideas to turn your trampoline park into a oasis of love.

Let’s start with the usual Valentine’s Day trappings, and experiment with how to adapt them to a trampoline park (without getting in the way of all the jumping fun).

Sappy Music

Give your high energy soundtrack a break for a few weeks because, admit it, you really want to listen to Celine Dion singing “My Heart will Go On.” Even better, blast a whole love-themed playlist on your speakers. Sounds pretty good, right? The cheesier the better, so don’t be afraid to pull out some 50’s girl groups, the Beatles, even your favorite Disney songs.


Upgrade your concessions stand with some festive snacks. Think heart-shaped sugar cookies, conversation hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, and the like. When in doubt, add red food coloring or just present treats in heart-shaped tins. ;)


What is the holiday de love without a few floral arrangements? If you’re not feeling like springing for hundreds of long-stemmed red roses (who can blame you?), don’t think you can’t add some romance to your space. Jump for a small arrangement of red, pink, and white flowers to make a statement on your front desk. It will add a bit of festivity for those who forgot to sign their Electronic Waivers before arriving to party.

Bonus: Turn February birthdays into a Valentine’s Day extravaganza by incorporating these elements into parties during this month. Our Birthday Party Booking Software can help you book the party. Just switch out multi-colored balloons for red and toss some heart-shaped confetti on the tables.