How to Advertise your Trampoline Park

You’ve prepared for this for months, maybe even years. You’ve planned, built, stayed up late, and paid a lot to see your dream come true. And finally it has: you’ve opened up your first trampoline park. But why aren’t people showing up?

Chances are you’ve told your friends and family what you were up to. You’ve probably told us (since we probably hooked you up with awesome Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software and Waiver Kiosks). So where is everyone? Well, did you market your trampoline park to your target demographic in your neighborhood?

Keep reading for a few ideas of how to let everyone know your trampoline park is open and ready for bouncing!

Kickin’ It Old School

If it’s within your budget, think about renting billboard space. You never know if your next customer is driving by your future billboard.

Want to think smaller? Mail campaigns might seem passe, but they must exist for a reason, right? Come up with a killer deal, then send a flier or coupon right to potential customers’ houses.

New Age Marketing

Instagram is your friend. No, it won’t bring in customers two minutes after your first post. What it will do is help show people what you have, and why they will want to go there. Think about a hashtag for customers to use and competitions to get them engaged with you.

Look for opportunities in your town. Can you host an opening party and invite a local radio station to come advertise for you? Make sure Automated Liability Waivers are signed and have some fun! The best way to advertise might be a completely new way!

Mo’ money, mo’ problems, right?

Looking for more help? Interested in Trampoline Park Software, Birthday Party Booking Software, or Trampoline Park POS Software? Let us know!