Safety First: How to Keep the Fun Times Coming

Guests show up at your trampoline park for one reason: to have fun. After all, that’s what a trampoline park is designed for. But nobody’s having a good time if they’re hurt, so keep reading for some safety tips from your favorite Trampoline Park Software company. ;) They’ll be bouncing for a good time and a long time!

  • It applies to so much more than trampolines: wait your turn. Avoid double-bouncing, collisions, and so much more by encouraging patrons to wait.

  • Keep rules about tricks posted clearly. Some areas might be perfect for trying that new flip, but others might not have the proper landing space. Make sure kids and parents are aware of the dangers of trying that hot new stunt.

  • In fact, make sure all safety rules are posted before guests go into the park. Yes, they must sign their Electronic Liability Waiver, but it never hurts to post rules again in case.

  • Give little kids their own space. A bounce from a parent or older sibling could be fun, but it could also lead to injuries from the size difference. Let kids under 6 have their own space to jump with each other.

  • Consider offering safety gear (like gripping socks). We love no-slip socks because it gives kids a little extra stability, while also maintaining all the fun.

  • Give kids a short safety lesson before the birthday party begins. We take care of the Birthday Party Booking Software for you, so all you need is a quick huddle before the fun can start!

What do you think? Did we miss any safety tips you’d recommend? Contact us for information about Waiver Kiosks and Automated Waivers to keep your trampoline park running smoothly and safely!