Back-To-School: How to Improve Birthday Parties at Your Park

Take a look around your trampoline park. Does it seem quieter than it used to be? The free-for-all of summer quickly turned into back-to-school calm as kids settle into their new classes. Kids are back in school, and we’re switching modes. Think of the quiet as a time to refocus on what your park can improve on through the whole year: birthday parties.

Remember birthday parties? With balloons and cake and decorations? Maybe you have Birthday Party Booking Software but you don’t know how to make the most of it. We’re surprised at how many family event centers overlook the power of the birthday party to bring in revenue and keep their park top-of-mind for long weekends and holiday breaks. Keep reading to learn how to improve your park’s birthday party system.

Bring on the Food

Kids might not eat a lot, but they sure seem to when they’re running around and jumping for what seems like hours. Make sure to have the usual suspects on the menu (pizza always and forever) but, by taking food allergies into account, you can show how much you care. Consider gluten-free alternatives for kids or parents who have food sensitivities.

Party Host With the Most

Every good party has a good host steering the fun. The party host keeps everyone on schedule, making sure the party has plenty of time to devour plenty of cake and ice cream before kids go home (gotta love those sugar-rushes). The host also makes sure that everyone’s happy, which makes sure they’re spreading good reviews about your park. We make things easier for your party host by featuring our Birthday Party Software right on an iPad, so your host can get everything settled when they check in the party. Fewer trips back and forth: fewer mistakes.

Did We Mention Cake?

The more you can provide for the party, the easier you make life for the party parents. Look into the cost of working with a local bakery to provide cakes and other snacks for your parties. The parents will thank you for the convenience, since it’s one less thing for them to worry about. Add it on as an option, and test to see if it’s a good idea to implement full-time.

Details Make a Difference

There are some things that make a party: decorations, cake, and fun activities. But don’t stop there! Yes, you’ve got the foundation but think outside the box. Think about the best place for your parties. Is your birthday party room far away from the action? Put it front and center to advertise to everyone how fun a party at your park can be.

Make them feel special in a big way. Customize parties for kids who like pirates, princesses, or ponies. A few extra decorations and party hats help each party feel unique.

Offer goody bags for kids to take home after the party ends. They keep the fun going a little bit longer after all that sugar wears off.

Ultimately, the more you can do the better! Some parents want to sit back and relax so when you provide a great service like a fun birthday party, they’re thrilled! What are you doing to improve your birthday party experience?

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