Why Trampoline Parks are Growing so Fast

When you think about it, trampoline parks are blowing up (and we don’t just mean the airbags you can jump into). They’re popping up all across the U.S., even internationally, and they’re spreading fast. Our Trampoline Park Software is there for all of it!

According to GlobalRealEstateExperts.com, "[t]he industry today boasts over 700 individual locations throughout the globe, and parks saw over 53 million visitors in North America alone in 2016." All this after just starting in 2004! 

Why are trampoline parks suddenly so popular? Keep reading for our thoughts.

Call in the Millennials

Yeah, millennials get a bad rap for eating all the avocados, but they’re on the right track in a lot of ways. For one, millennials (who grew up with the internet) crave real life experiences. Broadly speaking, the biggest generation since the baby boomers wants to get moving and make memories. They’re willing to put down those video games and get jumping! Pst, did you know that Millennials are also notorious for loving when things run smoothly? Our Electronic Waiver and Waiver Kiosk helps streamline the process so your guests can get jumping sooner!

To Your Health

Speaking of video games: they’re not the most physically healthy activity. Though studies have shown that solving puzzles and problem-solving in video games can help young brains, we think there’s nothing like jumping around to release some of that ever-present kid energy. As we become more health conscious, we think we’ll see more activity-based activities popping up around town.

All Ages

Our favorite part of trampoline parks is how they can bring families together. Older siblings can show off their skills, while the little kids love flying into a foam pit. Join the fray with a light-hearted game of dodgeball or by competing to win the Best Trick Award!

What do you think? Is there something that makes Trampoline Parks so popular that we’ve missed?