Just Add Trampolines

Every once in a while, we’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea. Comes with the job, right? Because when you make and run the best Trampoline Park POS, you have to be ahead of the curve.

We like to think we’re in great company: did you see that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry can’t decipher what he’s written in the middle of the night? Keep reading for some of our best ideas. Pst, they’re all trampoline-related!

We like to add trampolines to just about everything. One perfect match for trampolines is a nice basketball hoop. Trampolines will give some of the shorter kids an extra boost when it comes to the height-is-might game. Yes, you might want to make some adjustments (lose the net and use a softer ball), but we think trampolines and basketball are a slam dunk!

Dance party! Is there anything else you’d like to yell as the lights kick off? We love the idea of keeping your trampoline park open late to older kids. But how to make it special? By adding music and lazer lights. We’d take our moves to a whole new level with some bounce behind us. Bonus points if you bring in a real DJ!

This one might be the trickiest: we’d love to find a way to combine trampolines and swimming pools. Of course, safety is a big concern. Yep, we’ve got automated liability waivers, but we really want to keep the slipping to a minimum here. But if we could get that solved, imagine the birthday party fun! The thought of jumping on a trampoline right into a deep swimming pool is going to keep us up at night for a while longer! Looking for birthday party booking software? Explore our site some more!

What would you add a trampoline to? Share your crazy ideas with us! Better yet, upgrade your Trampoline Park Software with us!