Foam Pits vs. Airbags

Whether you’re looking to open up a trampoline park or just interested in making some upgrades to your family entertainment center, chances are you’re aware of the foam pit/airbag debate. Why? Because when you’re jumping, flipping, and perfecting your double-corkscrew ski tricks it really matters what you’re landing on. And who would know better than Active8, a member of IATP (the International Association of Trampoline Parks)?

We’re lucky because providing Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software has allowed us to be a part of so many different types of parks. So you could say we’ve seen the debate unfold before our very eyes. Keep reading for the highlights of the foam pit/airbag debate.

Foam Pits

Essentially the stuff of legend, the classic foam pit features great impact absorption. They’re incredibly fun to jump into and, as you disappear beneath the surface, a little extra exciting. Also, the maintenance of a foam pit is a little more flexible: you can clean and restock foam cubes with a little less regularity than airbags need adjusting. Just make sure to set reminders of when you need to clean and restock them.


These can be your best friend–if they’re well-taken care of. Airbags are great alternatives for those a little leery of germs. They’re easier to clean and they don’t gobble up watches and cellphones.

Gone are the days of the rough airbag. Now you can upgrade and get a silky cover that minimizes the scrapes and burns of yesteryear. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear that airbags help speed up lines, since they’re a little easier to exit after landing a new trick.

Plus, who can’t forget the most famous airbag of all: The Blob.

What do you think? Do you have a preference for foam pits or airbags? (Either way, make sure to have your Electronic Liability Waiver system up and running.) Tell us below where you land on the foam pit vs. airbag debate!