Have a Scary-Good Halloween at Your Trampoline Park

Halloween might seem far away at the end of October, but September marks the beginning of Halloween excitement. Costume shops are already popping up across town, and we don’t think we’re imagining a little nip in the air.

Kids might be headed back to school, but that doesn’t mean that your park can’t get in on some more fun! Sure, we make the best Trampoline Park Software, but we can have some fun in the park too. How can you make your park more fun for Halloween? Keep reading!


Never underestimate the power of a few well-placed cobwebs. They add a hint of Halloween that is perfect for your park without breaking the bank. Make a few giant spiders and put them around the park. Voila!

Game-ify It

Through the month of October, try a giveaway or some other promotion to keep yourself top-of-mind. Consider games like having kids count how many spiders are in the park, with prizes for correct guesses. Or, imagine a fun costume contest (and have a photographer come to catch all the superhero capes  and batwings in action as kids jump). Kids of all ages love prizes, right?

Go Big or Go Home

Really ready to go for it? Why not turn your trampoline park into a Haunted House for a week? Imagine all the fun you could have with trampoline walls, a fog machine, and a few well-placed strobe lights. Just make sure to keep things safe for kids! You have Automated Liability Waivers, but we’d hate to see the fun get interrupted with an accident.

Take a look into Halloween party fun for your park and let us know how you’ll be celebrating this year! Looking for more ideas to dial your park up to eleven? Keep an eye on this blog.

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