Active8 Highlights: Family Check-in

Some very wise and observant parents have shared a big secret with us: that adding the second kid to the mix was an adjustment, but the addition of a third child made everything WAY more complicated than they expected. Why the drama? If you have two kids and two hands, things seem pretty fair. But who has three hands? Time to call in for backup.

We’ve seen it first-hand when families come into a trampoline park to have a good time. They come for a good time, but end up having to deal with the chaos first. What do we mean? Getting everyone checked in takes too long. Waivers have been signed, but tracking them down takes forever. Employees might remember a family that comes in every week, but the computer takes just as long to get them checked in. We saw the problem and found a solution.

Active8 makes checking in with your family a breeze, because family members are linked in our intuitive system. They’re all in one place. Not only does our Trampoline Park Software make checking in customers a lot faster, but it helps keep you as a Trampoline Park Owner protected from invalid waivers (that are only valid when signed by a parent or legal guardian).

You know the problem’s been solved when things go smoothly, and we think your customers will thank you for a fun family activity with a big round of smiles.

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