Safety First: How to Keep the Fun Times Coming

Guests show up at your trampoline park for one reason: to have fun. After all, that’s what a trampoline park is designed for. But nobody’s having a good time if they’re hurt, so keep reading for some safety tips from your favorite Trampoline Park Software company. ;) They’ll be bouncing for a good time and a long time!

  • It applies to so much more than trampolines: wait your turn. Avoid double-bouncing, collisions, and so much more by encouraging patrons to wait.

  • Keep rules about tricks posted clearly. Some areas might be perfect for trying that new flip, but others might not have the proper landing space. Make sure kids and parents are aware of the dangers of trying that hot new stunt.

  • In fact, make sure all safety rules are posted before guests go into the park. Yes, they must sign their Electronic Liability Waiver, but it never hurts to post rules again in case.

  • Give little kids their own space. A bounce from a parent or older sibling could be fun, but it could also lead to injuries from the size difference. Let kids under 6 have their own space to jump with each other.

  • Consider offering safety gear (like gripping socks). We love no-slip socks because it gives kids a little extra stability, while also maintaining all the fun.

  • Give kids a short safety lesson before the birthday party begins. We take care of the Birthday Party Booking Software for you, so all you need is a quick huddle before the fun can start!

What do you think? Did we miss any safety tips you’d recommend? Contact us for information about Waiver Kiosks and Automated Waivers to keep your trampoline park running smoothly and safely!

Happy Holidays from Active8!

The holidays are here, and we want to wish you a happy holiday season! Take a break with some eggnog and a cozy fire in the fireplace.

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Why Trampoline Parks are Growing so Fast

When you think about it, trampoline parks are blowing up (and we don’t just mean the airbags you can jump into). They’re popping up all across the U.S., even internationally, and they’re spreading fast. Our Trampoline Park Software is there for all of it!

According to, "[t]he industry today boasts over 700 individual locations throughout the globe, and parks saw over 53 million visitors in North America alone in 2016." All this after just starting in 2004! 

Why are trampoline parks suddenly so popular? Keep reading for our thoughts.

Call in the Millennials

Yeah, millennials get a bad rap for eating all the avocados, but they’re on the right track in a lot of ways. For one, millennials (who grew up with the internet) crave real life experiences. Broadly speaking, the biggest generation since the baby boomers wants to get moving and make memories. They’re willing to put down those video games and get jumping! Pst, did you know that Millennials are also notorious for loving when things run smoothly? Our Electronic Waiver and Waiver Kiosk helps streamline the process so your guests can get jumping sooner!

To Your Health

Speaking of video games: they’re not the most physically healthy activity. Though studies have shown that solving puzzles and problem-solving in video games can help young brains, we think there’s nothing like jumping around to release some of that ever-present kid energy. As we become more health conscious, we think we’ll see more activity-based activities popping up around town.

All Ages

Our favorite part of trampoline parks is how they can bring families together. Older siblings can show off their skills, while the little kids love flying into a foam pit. Join the fray with a light-hearted game of dodgeball or by competing to win the Best Trick Award!

What do you think? Is there something that makes Trampoline Parks so popular that we’ve missed?

Just Add Trampolines

Every once in a while, we’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea. Comes with the job, right? Because when you make and run the best Trampoline Park POS, you have to be ahead of the curve.

We like to think we’re in great company: did you see that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry can’t decipher what he’s written in the middle of the night? Keep reading for some of our best ideas. Pst, they’re all trampoline-related!

We like to add trampolines to just about everything. One perfect match for trampolines is a nice basketball hoop. Trampolines will give some of the shorter kids an extra boost when it comes to the height-is-might game. Yes, you might want to make some adjustments (lose the net and use a softer ball), but we think trampolines and basketball are a slam dunk!

Dance party! Is there anything else you’d like to yell as the lights kick off? We love the idea of keeping your trampoline park open late to older kids. But how to make it special? By adding music and lazer lights. We’d take our moves to a whole new level with some bounce behind us. Bonus points if you bring in a real DJ!

This one might be the trickiest: we’d love to find a way to combine trampolines and swimming pools. Of course, safety is a big concern. Yep, we’ve got automated liability waivers, but we really want to keep the slipping to a minimum here. But if we could get that solved, imagine the birthday party fun! The thought of jumping on a trampoline right into a deep swimming pool is going to keep us up at night for a while longer! Looking for birthday party booking software? Explore our site some more!

What would you add a trampoline to? Share your crazy ideas with us! Better yet, upgrade your Trampoline Park Software with us!

Foam Pits vs. Airbags

Whether you’re looking to open up a trampoline park or just interested in making some upgrades to your family entertainment center, chances are you’re aware of the foam pit/airbag debate. Why? Because when you’re jumping, flipping, and perfecting your double-corkscrew ski tricks it really matters what you’re landing on. And who would know better than Active8, a member of IATP (the International Association of Trampoline Parks)?

We’re lucky because providing Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software has allowed us to be a part of so many different types of parks. So you could say we’ve seen the debate unfold before our very eyes. Keep reading for the highlights of the foam pit/airbag debate.

Foam Pits

Essentially the stuff of legend, the classic foam pit features great impact absorption. They’re incredibly fun to jump into and, as you disappear beneath the surface, a little extra exciting. Also, the maintenance of a foam pit is a little more flexible: you can clean and restock foam cubes with a little less regularity than airbags need adjusting. Just make sure to set reminders of when you need to clean and restock them.


These can be your best friend–if they’re well-taken care of. Airbags are great alternatives for those a little leery of germs. They’re easier to clean and they don’t gobble up watches and cellphones.

Gone are the days of the rough airbag. Now you can upgrade and get a silky cover that minimizes the scrapes and burns of yesteryear. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear that airbags help speed up lines, since they’re a little easier to exit after landing a new trick.

Plus, who can’t forget the most famous airbag of all: The Blob.

What do you think? Do you have a preference for foam pits or airbags? (Either way, make sure to have your Electronic Liability Waiver system up and running.) Tell us below where you land on the foam pit vs. airbag debate!

The Most Over-The-Top Theme Parks to Visit in 2018

The holidays are in full swing and, if you’re like us, the parties are starting to stack up on our calendars. It’s time for white elephant gifts and board games, dinner parties and family stories. But after the parties are over, the real fun begins.

Why? Because this is when we start planning all of our adventures for next year. After all, as makers of Family Entertainment Center Software, we like to have a little fun too. Keep reading for some of the theme parks on our wishlist for 2018.


Planning a trip to Europe next year? Factor in a little break from the tours and museums for a little old-fashioned fun. Europa-Park boasts plenty of coasters, shows, and rides that you would expect. Where it really takes off, though, is that there are 15 European-themed parts of the park. How else can you visit Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Russia, and even the lands of the Brothers Grimm in one day?

Six Flags

No, they’re not the first to combine virtual reality with rollercoasters. But, when it comes to great rollercoasters, Six Flags is hard to beat. Ever since we heard about the New Revolution Galactic Attack, the theme park’s new VR coaster, we’re itching to try it out. Say hi to Bugs Bunny while you’re there!

Port Aventura World

Back across the ocean, there’s Port Aventura World. Visit China, Mexico, the Wild West, and even Sesame Street at this Spanish theme park. Looking for something a little more fast-paced? Explore Ferrari Land and feel the need for speed.

Universal Studios

Theme parks have to keep innovating to stay ahead of the trends. One thing that seems to sneak into theme parks? Movies. From coasters named after Superman to Indiana Jones, Hollywood and theme parks just can’t seem to get enough of each other. Which is why we’re so excited about how committed Universal Studios is to Harry Potter World. Go explore the magical town of Hogsmeade and try on some wizard robes while you’re there.

Which theme parks are you itching to visit in 2018? Maybe reading about the greats makes you want to upgrade your own Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software? Click “Contact” at the top of the page, and we’ll get to work.

How to Take Advantage of your Family Entertainment Center’s Slow Season

Every business has a slow season: landscapers turn to holiday light installation and snow removal in the winter, ski companies focus on designing new products in the summer. Even the funnest of the fun businesses have to take a break sometimes. Or do they? Keep reading for a few ideas of how to take advantage of the slower season that is Old Man Winter.

So the kids are busy at school. So what? There’s plenty of other fish in the sea. Start by brainstorming about the type of people who live in your city. Do you live in a college town? Maybe you have a large community of artists just a few miles away. Even if you think you live in a normal town with normal people, chances are good that you’re ignoring one way you can help your community. Need some examples?

If you have a lot of young people in your town, consider reaching out to the local high school or college to host a party. This time of year is study-and-house-party time, but they just might jump at the chance to take respite from the cold in a change of scenery.

Depending on businesses in your area, you might be able to host a holiday party or an employee appreciation night. Spend a couple days reaching out to companies who might have a little extra budget lying around, and see if you can give their employees a night to remember. Include food options, music, and a few other activities for those who might take longer to let loose on the trampolines.

Got a quilting circle in your neighborhood? Crafting has gotten a lot more luxe, thanks to the likes of Etsy. Host a scrapbooking marathon for those creative types. They bring the supplies, you bring the fun. Is there anything better than getting some work done, then taking a break in the foam pit? Earn bonus points by offering babysitting for little ones not yet in school.

Take a few minutes and brainstorm: the more out-of-the-box the better! Keep in mind that the goal is to provide a fun space for people to gather and even get things done. Keep your Trampoline Park POS hopping by providing seasonal treats!

What will you do to spice up your slow season? Looking for Trampoline Park Software or FEC Software of your own? Just click “Contact” at the top of the page.

Start-up Considerations: Most Popular Snacks and Concessions for Your Trampoline Park

There are a lot of details to consider when you’re starting your own business: location, costs, and employees all take up a lot of time to get just right. After the big decisions (like what Trampoline Park Software to use) are out of the way, there are still a few smaller details that help make your Trampoline Park a success. Yep, we’re talking FOOD.

Some foods have been married to the idea of Family Entertainment Centers since what feels like the beginning of time. The first things that come to mind when you think of amusement parks are likely funnel cake, cotton candy, corn dogs, ice cream, pizza, and french fries. These are all good, nay, AMAZING, but why stop there?

Food is one place where you can really put your stamp on your business, so consider the options. After all, the famous Tivoli Gardens serves sushi and tapas in Copenhagen. You read that right, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world carved out budget to serve pretty fancy fare.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try new things and offer specials over holidays. It’s getting cold out there, so why not look into some hot cocoa for your guests who are coming in from the cold?

What do you think? Do you prefer the tried-and-true pizza model, or do you like experimenting? Is sushi going to pop up on your menu? ;) Let us know in the comments.



Active8 Highlights: Family Check-in

Some very wise and observant parents have shared a big secret with us: that adding the second kid to the mix was an adjustment, but the addition of a third child made everything WAY more complicated than they expected. Why the drama? If you have two kids and two hands, things seem pretty fair. But who has three hands? Time to call in for backup.

We’ve seen it first-hand when families come into a trampoline park to have a good time. They come for a good time, but end up having to deal with the chaos first. What do we mean? Getting everyone checked in takes too long. Waivers have been signed, but tracking them down takes forever. Employees might remember a family that comes in every week, but the computer takes just as long to get them checked in. We saw the problem and found a solution.

Active8 makes checking in with your family a breeze, because family members are linked in our intuitive system. They’re all in one place. Not only does our Trampoline Park Software make checking in customers a lot faster, but it helps keep you as a Trampoline Park Owner protected from invalid waivers (that are only valid when signed by a parent or legal guardian).

You know the problem’s been solved when things go smoothly, and we think your customers will thank you for a fun family activity with a big round of smiles.

Have questions about this feature or just want to know more about what we do? Give us a call and learn all about our Family Entertainment Center Software! (888) 500-2618

Crowd Control: Handling Trampoline Park Overcrowding with Active8

There are few times we’re willing to get into the thick of it when it comes to battling crowds and, Black Friday steals aside, we think we’re in the majority. Admit it, you don’t want to stand in the crowd at a concert anymore (especially when you can sit down and enjoy your beer and churro with two hands). So why haven’t other trampoline parks figured out how to keep the crowds from swelling too much? They’re using the wrong trampoline park software.

Thankfully, we’re here to calm the crowds and make sure everyone has a little more elbow-room. Shocked? We don’t blame you. Honestly, we’re not sure why we seem to be the only ones turning attendance from a guessing game into a well-oiled machine. We’ve spent a lot of time streamlining the process and creating a system that takes the guesswork out of your trampoline park attendance.

And we’ve made it simple. Instead of resorting to guessing capacity, you just need to log into your Active8 account and take a look. Every patron is assigned a timeslot with their Active8 Smart Wristband (bye bye, ugly stickers!), which can be easily used to add more time or even buy concessions without adding bulk to your Family Entertainment Center Point of Sale (hello, extra revenue). With the Smart Wristband, you’ll always have an accurate number of how many people are in the park and how much jump time they have left.

It’ll keep your patrons happy, and it’ll make your life so much easier! Are you interested in hearing when our Smart Wristband is available to add to your park?

Give us a call at (888) 500-2618 to learn more about what your Active8 Trampoline Park POS can do!