Spring Cleaning for Summer Fun

Though it doesn’t feel like it through most of the country, winter is officially over tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow marks the Spring Equinox, also known as the official first day of spring. Cue the tulip bulbs to start popping up!

Regardless of your feelings on gardening, it’s still a perfect time to dig into some spring cleaning. So get ready for our top tips to get your family fun center in tip top shape for spring.

First Impressions Matter

The outside of your building is very important, as it serves as the first thing your customers notice about the place! If you have any “green space” on your property, it’s time to take another look at it. Call a tree-trimmer, organize a lawn mowing service if you need it, and plant some easy-to-maintain bushes in the garden beds. Take a look at the whole exterior of your facility and write down any fixes you might need to do. Think about re-painting, fixing windows, re-painting the parking lot, or even calling a professional window-cleaning service.

Same Goes for Inside

Take a long walk around the entire inside of your family fun center. Do you need to have anything fixed or replaced? Basketball nets wear out, foam bumpers start looking crumbly, and foam blocks need a little pick-me-up. Focus on the key pieces to keep safety in check.

Think With Your Stomach

Not excited about going through concessions numbers? We feel that. But we also feel that there’s always room for improvement. Take no prisoners and resolve to toss out the slowest selling item of last year (take into account seasonality--nobody wants hot chocolate in the middle of July!) Try something new: smoothies or fancy flavored sodas might be your new best-seller.

Focus on the Biz

Ignoring software updates? Stop it and spend a day or two updating your internal infrastructure. Test your backup system and your Trampoline Park Software in its entirety. Update your Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software so everything’s easy to use. If it’s not seamless, give us a call and we’ll show you what we can do!

What's on your to-do list for spring?


Keeping it Local: Tips to Make Extra Money

We’ve heard it a millions times, “Money ain’t everything.” But it is a way to feed your family, and one of the only ways in modern society (unless you live on an idyllic farmer’s commune). So, in light of that, keep reading for a few tips to make some extra money from your family entertainment center.

Look into local food trucks, and the possibility of hosting a small-scale food truck park a few times a week. Charge a reasonable fee for them to set up shop and feed all of the local businesses around your location. You might not get many jumpers on their lunch break, but you will get more eyes on your place and a little extra dough.

If we had a dollar for every famous person we know… it still might not be a lot. But, if you have a local X Games athlete in your neighborhood, it might be worth hitting them up for lessons. Kids love learning new tricks, and you can charge a small fee for use of the foam pit they’ll be flipping into. Get them into their lessons fast with our Electronic Liability Waiver setup!

You know what people can’t get enough of? Puppies. Get in touch with your local animal shelter and see about teaming up to host a pet adoption event. Dogs barking in your parking lot not your thing? There are plenty of other non-profits that will help you attract new customers. They might not have a big budget, but doing some good will really help your PR with the locals. Plus, you can still sell concessions to everyone coming by to pet some doggos. Looking to upgrade your Trampoline Park POS to make that happen? We can help with that.

Who are these “famous bloggers” we keep hearing about and what do they do? To be honest, they all do different things. One thing we know for sure is they’re always on the hunt for something new to try. That’s where you come in. Reach out to some bloggers from your area and host a party for them. They’ll bring their photographers (most of them have one on staff!) to capture great moments. Consider a few different options: some will work on trade, providing you with great content for your social media accounts whereas others will probably want discount codes for their followers. Think out of the box and grow your biz!

Looking for more great tips? Keep checking in here. Interested in Active8 for Trampoline Park Software or Family Entertainment Center Software? Get in touch with us via the “Contact” button at the top of this page!

Updates and New Parks: March

This month we've completed work with House of Air on their Crowley, Texas location. March isn't over yet, so keep checking back to see what we're up to!


Updates and New Parks: February

Being busy is a good problem to have, and we've started off 2018 with a full load of projects. 

We kicked off our first park with Jump XL in Eindhoven, Netherlands in February. We're looking forward to working with them more in coming months. 

We also completed our fourth park with Planet 3 Extreme (in Palm Bay, Florida) this month!

Looking to get in on the fun? Give us a call! 


Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Well, January seemed to last a whole year, but we’ve finally made it to February. Though this month is short, it packs a punch. Welcome to Black History Month, as well as the month that hosts President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and some hashtag holidays (everybody, how are you celebrating National Umbrella Day?). Once again, your favorite Trampoline Park Software Company is here to help you up your game.

February might be a welcome change, but some of us are still playing catch up. The football parties are over, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Were you caught off guard, too? Keep reading for some last minute ideas to turn your trampoline park into a oasis of love.

Let’s start with the usual Valentine’s Day trappings, and experiment with how to adapt them to a trampoline park (without getting in the way of all the jumping fun).

Sappy Music

Give your high energy soundtrack a break for a few weeks because, admit it, you really want to listen to Celine Dion singing “My Heart will Go On.” Even better, blast a whole love-themed playlist on your speakers. Sounds pretty good, right? The cheesier the better, so don’t be afraid to pull out some 50’s girl groups, the Beatles, even your favorite Disney songs.


Upgrade your concessions stand with some festive snacks. Think heart-shaped sugar cookies, conversation hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, and the like. When in doubt, add red food coloring or just present treats in heart-shaped tins. ;)


What is the holiday de love without a few floral arrangements? If you’re not feeling like springing for hundreds of long-stemmed red roses (who can blame you?), don’t think you can’t add some romance to your space. Jump for a small arrangement of red, pink, and white flowers to make a statement on your front desk. It will add a bit of festivity for those who forgot to sign their Electronic Waivers before arriving to party.

Bonus: Turn February birthdays into a Valentine’s Day extravaganza by incorporating these elements into parties during this month. Our Birthday Party Booking Software can help you book the party. Just switch out multi-colored balloons for red and toss some heart-shaped confetti on the tables.


How to Advertise your Trampoline Park

You’ve prepared for this for months, maybe even years. You’ve planned, built, stayed up late, and paid a lot to see your dream come true. And finally it has: you’ve opened up your first trampoline park. But why aren’t people showing up?

Chances are you’ve told your friends and family what you were up to. You’ve probably told us (since we probably hooked you up with awesome Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software and Waiver Kiosks). So where is everyone? Well, did you market your trampoline park to your target demographic in your neighborhood?

Keep reading for a few ideas of how to let everyone know your trampoline park is open and ready for bouncing!

Kickin’ It Old School

If it’s within your budget, think about renting billboard space. You never know if your next customer is driving by your future billboard.

Want to think smaller? Mail campaigns might seem passe, but they must exist for a reason, right? Come up with a killer deal, then send a flier or coupon right to potential customers’ houses.

New Age Marketing

Instagram is your friend. No, it won’t bring in customers two minutes after your first post. What it will do is help show people what you have, and why they will want to go there. Think about a hashtag for customers to use and competitions to get them engaged with you.

Look for opportunities in your town. Can you host an opening party and invite a local radio station to come advertise for you? Make sure Automated Liability Waivers are signed and have some fun! The best way to advertise might be a completely new way!

Mo’ money, mo’ problems, right?

Looking for more help? Interested in Trampoline Park Software, Birthday Party Booking Software, or Trampoline Park POS Software? Let us know!

Safety First: How to Keep the Fun Times Coming

Guests show up at your trampoline park for one reason: to have fun. After all, that’s what a trampoline park is designed for. But nobody’s having a good time if they’re hurt, so keep reading for some safety tips from your favorite Trampoline Park Software company. ;) They’ll be bouncing for a good time and a long time!

  • It applies to so much more than trampolines: wait your turn. Avoid double-bouncing, collisions, and so much more by encouraging patrons to wait.

  • Keep rules about tricks posted clearly. Some areas might be perfect for trying that new flip, but others might not have the proper landing space. Make sure kids and parents are aware of the dangers of trying that hot new stunt.

  • In fact, make sure all safety rules are posted before guests go into the park. Yes, they must sign their Electronic Liability Waiver, but it never hurts to post rules again in case.

  • Give little kids their own space. A bounce from a parent or older sibling could be fun, but it could also lead to injuries from the size difference. Let kids under 6 have their own space to jump with each other.

  • Consider offering safety gear (like gripping socks). We love no-slip socks because it gives kids a little extra stability, while also maintaining all the fun.

  • Give kids a short safety lesson before the birthday party begins. We take care of the Birthday Party Booking Software for you, so all you need is a quick huddle before the fun can start!

What do you think? Did we miss any safety tips you’d recommend? Contact us for information about Waiver Kiosks and Automated Waivers to keep your trampoline park running smoothly and safely!

Happy Holidays from Active8!

The holidays are here, and we want to wish you a happy holiday season! Take a break with some eggnog and a cozy fire in the fireplace.

Looking for help with these?

-Trampoline Park Software

-Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software

-Electronic Liability Waiver

-Waiver Kiosk

-Automated Liability Waiver

-Birthday Party Booking Software

When you get back to work, give us a call if you wish you’d gotten Active8 POS in your stocking! Let’s make 2018 a great year for your business!

Why Trampoline Parks are Growing so Fast

When you think about it, trampoline parks are blowing up (and we don’t just mean the airbags you can jump into). They’re popping up all across the U.S., even internationally, and they’re spreading fast. Our Trampoline Park Software is there for all of it!

According to GlobalRealEstateExperts.com, "[t]he industry today boasts over 700 individual locations throughout the globe, and parks saw over 53 million visitors in North America alone in 2016." All this after just starting in 2004! 

Why are trampoline parks suddenly so popular? Keep reading for our thoughts.

Call in the Millennials

Yeah, millennials get a bad rap for eating all the avocados, but they’re on the right track in a lot of ways. For one, millennials (who grew up with the internet) crave real life experiences. Broadly speaking, the biggest generation since the baby boomers wants to get moving and make memories. They’re willing to put down those video games and get jumping! Pst, did you know that Millennials are also notorious for loving when things run smoothly? Our Electronic Waiver and Waiver Kiosk helps streamline the process so your guests can get jumping sooner!

To Your Health

Speaking of video games: they’re not the most physically healthy activity. Though studies have shown that solving puzzles and problem-solving in video games can help young brains, we think there’s nothing like jumping around to release some of that ever-present kid energy. As we become more health conscious, we think we’ll see more activity-based activities popping up around town.

All Ages

Our favorite part of trampoline parks is how they can bring families together. Older siblings can show off their skills, while the little kids love flying into a foam pit. Join the fray with a light-hearted game of dodgeball or by competing to win the Best Trick Award!

What do you think? Is there something that makes Trampoline Parks so popular that we’ve missed?

Just Add Trampolines

Every once in a while, we’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea. Comes with the job, right? Because when you make and run the best Trampoline Park POS, you have to be ahead of the curve.

We like to think we’re in great company: did you see that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry can’t decipher what he’s written in the middle of the night? Keep reading for some of our best ideas. Pst, they’re all trampoline-related!

We like to add trampolines to just about everything. One perfect match for trampolines is a nice basketball hoop. Trampolines will give some of the shorter kids an extra boost when it comes to the height-is-might game. Yes, you might want to make some adjustments (lose the net and use a softer ball), but we think trampolines and basketball are a slam dunk!

Dance party! Is there anything else you’d like to yell as the lights kick off? We love the idea of keeping your trampoline park open late to older kids. But how to make it special? By adding music and lazer lights. We’d take our moves to a whole new level with some bounce behind us. Bonus points if you bring in a real DJ!

This one might be the trickiest: we’d love to find a way to combine trampolines and swimming pools. Of course, safety is a big concern. Yep, we’ve got automated liability waivers, but we really want to keep the slipping to a minimum here. But if we could get that solved, imagine the birthday party fun! The thought of jumping on a trampoline right into a deep swimming pool is going to keep us up at night for a while longer! Looking for birthday party booking software? Explore our site some more!

What would you add a trampoline to? Share your crazy ideas with us! Better yet, upgrade your Trampoline Park Software with us!