Summer Camp Replacement Ideas

The lawnmowers are roaring, the bees are buzzing, and is it just us or are the kids getting louder too? No doubt about it, summer’s starting to roll into town and we’re pulling out all the stops. Keep reading for tips on how to crush this summer’s expectations and keep customers coming back for more!

Know What You’re Up Against

If you’re based in the east coast, chances are that kids start going to summer camp in the next month or so. And though not every summer camp is all summer long like we imagined when we were kids, it can still mean a month or two away from home. How do you compete against something like that? Honestly, it’s a task we can’t recommend. But what you can do is make your trampoline park as fun and exciting to keep the kids who are staying home as happy as if they were camping.

Think about forming your own summer camp, with rotating crafts and s’mores galore. Make it even easier by partnering with a non-profit or after-school program in your area.

Look at what works for your park and try to make it better. Experimentation never hurts! Consider summer camp-themed birthday parties or movies out on the lawn to celebrate summer.

Streamline Your Processes

Worried about adding too much to your park’s offerings? Our trampoline park software can easily be edited to include new snacks and activities. Keep everyone safe with our electronic liability waivers and make sure parents have activities, too! At the end of the day, your job is to ensure people are having fun, and our trampoline park point of sale software helps you do that better than ever.

Looking for a demo of our software in action? Shoot us an email at and we'll schedule something!

How Your Customers Can Do Everything Online

*File this under: Easy Peasy*

Americans are spending more and more time online than ever before: we shop, learn, and plan parties all online. We price-compare, fact-check, and dig into the Yelp reviews of various ramen restaurants around town before we head out for dinner. It's safe to say that we love the convenience of staying at home and getting chores accomplished in our pajamas and we're definitely NOT tossing out our laptops anytime soon. How can you use this information to help make your trampoline park a success? Team up with Active8 for family entertainment center software that helps your customers plan their outing right from home!

Keep reading for a few ways your customers can tap into your park (via our trampoline park software) at home. 

Ticket Sales

It seems like a no-brainer, but we're still shocked by how many companies don't allow for purchases online. We make buying tickets to your park super easy!

Party Booking

Looking to book a party? Our birthday party booking software is specifically designed to make booking large groups a breeze. 

Event Management

Need to make changes to your event, like adding a few extra guests? Not a problem! Your guests don't need to call you to update guest lists. They can just log in to edit and tweak guest lists and food items.


The biggest hassle and time-waster in a trampoline park is getting in to have some fun. Even if your park allows for purchases online, chances are good that that's where the convenience ends. Your guests are wondering what's the point of buying tickets online when you still have to wait in line to hand in signed waivers? We allow for parents to sign waivers online. They're linked to the customer in our system so your guests have a speedy check-in experience.

Family & Friend Management

We keep things simple, intuitive, and quick. We looked at how people use trampoline parks and tailored our software to their experience. When was the last time two ten-year olds just showed up at your park by themselves? It's probably pretty rare! So, it just made sense to group people together in who they jump with. Families are linked together to keep everyone organized and happy.

Just remember this when it comes to your customers: the easier the better! Keep thinking about how to streamline processes for your customers. What else would you like to see from Active8 POS to make things easier for your customers?

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How to Hire for your Family Entertainment Center

It seems like spring has taken its sweet time coming to the U.S., but soon enough summer will be here. And with summer comes summer jobs. And while our trampoline park software can do a lot for your trampoline park, there are some jobs that are best done by a good old-fashioned person.

We fondly remember working our first jobs at sandwich shops, swimming pools, and the now defunct video rental store (RIP Blockbuster). Honestly, we believe that those first jobs give you the confidence to interact with strangers and stretch your math skills, among other things. As an employer, hiring one or a few employees will save your energy and *probably* your sanity. Keep reading for some key things to look for in a new employee and how to hire the right fit for your family entertainment center.

Keep it in the Family

If you have a niece, nephew, or even a kid of your own, consider offering them a place at your family entertainment center. Chances are they'll jump at the chance to earn a little more money, and you're likely to get a more motivated employee than someone who applies from an ad on your website.

Hire the Right Person, and Train

This might be controversial, but we believe personality trumps experience when it comes to most jobs. Certain things can be taught, like how to use specialized trampoline park point of sale software and how you prefer your snack bar organized. Other things, though, like how to be nice to customers and how to get to work on time, can be much much harder to instill. Get a feel for who you're talking to and don't be afraid to train the right person!

Overwhelmed by the thought of running your new business yourself? Get hiring!

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Trampolines and Health: Duh, They're Good for You

It shouldn't be ground-breaking news that jumping on a trampoline is good for your health, but it's always a nice reminder for those of us less inclined to visit the gym. Heck, even for those of us who do like the gym it's nice to switch up your routine and avoid hitting that dreaded plateau. What? You think we spend all our time making Trampoline Park Software? We have to stay fit, too!

So, read on for a few reasons why hitting the trampoline park might just be as good as hitting the gym.

It's better cardio than running, especially if you worry about your knees. Repeatedly hitting the pavement is really stressful on joints, especially knees. Some lower-impact exercises include swimming and jumping on a trampoline (because the trampoline absorbs some of the shock). Who's going to try incorporating trampoline exercise classes into their schedules? Us. 

It's good for your lymphatic system. Studies show that jumping or "rebounding" on a small trampoline can do wonders for that little-talked-about lymphatic system. Essentially, our lymph circulates throughout our bodies just like blood to remove waste, but without a pump. So how does it move without an organ like the heart to pump? It relies on gravity & muscle contractions, but jumping can really help the whole process along. Here's a sample trampoline routine from

It's fun. You can force yourself to go to yoga, pilates, or Crossfit but if you don't like it, you're not really going to go very often (or try hard). One of the biggest things that trampolines have going for them is the FUN factor. We think this is why trampoline parks are growing so fast. This article mentions a study where people even reported being less physically exhausted after jumping on a trampoline. Even though they reached the same level of intensity, they reported it as being less difficult (probably because it's so fun). Sounds pretty cool to us!

Time to go bounce!

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How to Throw an Awesome Grand Opening Event

Getting to the place where you're finally ready to open up shop might seem like a lifetime away, but before you know it the day has arrived. You've built, painted, hired employees, got your trampoline park pos software running, and it's finally time to let the neighborhood know you're in town for a good time. 

But before you throw open the doors, take some time to make your Grand Opening work hard for you. Because nothing's worse than spending a lot of money on food and monkeys for guests to take selfies with when the guests never come back! Though, on second thought, we can't really see a downside to spending some time with a cool monkey.

Keep reading for tips on how to have a successful family event center grand opening!

Know Your Goals

To make money. Done. 

Right? Wrong.

If you just wanted to make money, you would have picked something else to do. Family Entertainment Centers require a little extra oomph because the product you're selling is FUN.

Know Your Audience and How they Fit with Your Goals

So, your number one goal might be to make money, but you need to do a little bit more to get there. Goal #1 should be to make sure everyone is having a good time at your grand opening. That means fun games, good food, great music, and plenty of time sampling the trampolines. 

But Goal #2 should support that. For example, you're probably trying to convince people to become repeat visitors at your trampoline park. Yes, they need to have fun, but they also need another push to get them to change their regular routine (why go to that scary park with rusty swings when you could hit up the trampoline park?). Consider offering a great deal to people who attend your grand opening, like a 50% off coupon or a 2-for-1 deal to be used in the future. 

Think long term, too. Try to collect email addresses so you can keep customers apprised of your discount nights, fun parties, and menu updates via your newsletter. It's easy. Just tell people all the cool information they'll receive in your newsletter, and offer an immediate incentive to sign up. Consider giving away gift cards for free jump days or free Birthday Parties (you'll already have the birthday party booking software) through a raffle. Who doesn't love free stuff?

With that in mind, make sure everyone leaves with a little something to remember you by. A little treat for the road goes a long way and will keep you in their minds for a bit longer.

What do you think? Did we miss anything important when it comes to your family entertainment center's grand opening? Don't tell us you need trampoline park software or FEC software because we've got you covered!


How Not to Run Your First Trampoline Park

Have you ever had a nightmare so terrible that you wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and still panicking? That pretty much happened to us last night. Because we dreamed that someone out there was charging a Pay-Per-Bounce fee at their trampoline park. What?!

Can you imagine what a bad idea that would be? Everyone would need their own little bounce-counter, and they wouldn't be able to have fun because they would be worried about how many bounces they could afford. Thank goodness it was just a dream. 

But that dream (nope, definitely still a nightmare) made us think: what are some really bad ways to run your family entertainment center? Keep reading and see!

No Kids Allowed

They're loud. They're messy. They fall down and start crying. Sure, but can you imagine a trampoline park without kids? They're the ones who have the most fun! They love to show off and get other kids involved. Plus, they keep their parents intrigued in that bounce life. 

No Birthday Parties

We're sometimes puzzled at people who bring their own cake to a restaurant, but is it really THAT bad? No. But it's much better if you can help facilitate some awesome parties at your trampoline park. By encouraging more and better parties, you help take the stress off parents, keep kids entertained, and create some awesome memories for everyone involved. 

No Photography Allowed

Guys, it's 2018 and social media isn't going anywhere. If you're worried about safety, put up a sign about flash photography or encouraging people to always jump aware. Safety is important, even crucial! But, pictures help groups remember how much fun they had and they can be taken safely by people who aren't jumping at the time. Plus, if these pics are posted on social media, you're also getting a boost of free advertising. It's a win-win.

Not Using Active8 POS

Using the right Trampoline Park Software will make your trampoline park run way more smoothly. Imagine a life where your trampoline park point of sale - or trampoline park POS if you're in the know ;) - not only doesn't glitch but also helps you make more money. We provide birthday party booking software, Electronic Liability waivers, and the coolest smart wristbands to take your family entertainment center to the next level.

What do you think? Are there any other "no-no's" we left out?



The ONE THING You Need to Do In Europe

Oh yeah, we know we got you with that clickbait headline. We can't stand feeling left out in the cold (thank you, Meghan Markle & your royal wedding for making us read gossip mags again), so why not give it a whirl ourselves? 

There actually is one thing you need to do next time you're in Europe (possibly between May 20th and 22nd). Yes, it's trampoline park-related. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's International Association of Trampoline Parks Goes to Europe!

Seriously, we are so excited for IATP's  2nd Annual European Conference & Trade Show this May. We're looking forward to meeting more industry newbies, and catching up with some of our colleagues who have been there from the beginning. Also, we're not mad that it gives us the excuse to visit amazing Amsterdam.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network, learn, and eat! We can't wait to meet more trampoline park owners, operators, and people just looking to get into the industry. Learn more about the conference right here and let us know if you're planning on coming in the comments below.

Have questions about trampoline park software, trampoline park point of sale software, or trampoline park pos (it's the same thing as before, hint hint)? Just click "Contact" at the top of the page and we'll answer all of your questions. 

Man Crush Mo-Sunday: Daniel Furney

You know that creeping feeling you get on Sunday night, that the work week is just around the corner? Real Talk: It's not a myth. You really only have a few more precious hours of "official weekend time" left. But don't worry, because we've got a fun tidbit to make you forget that Monday is just around the corner.

Now, once upon a time there was a young man named Daniel Furney. You may have heard of him, especially if you're from Oklahoma or follow collegiate gymnastics. To put it bluntly, he was a pretty amazing gymnast. In fact, at the time he was in college, he was the most decorated male gymnast in the history of the University of Oklahoma. But as fate would have it, gymnastics would only play a small part of his brilliant career. Unfortunately, his knee developed some repetitive issues and he was forced to retire from gymnastics.

We've read enough motivational quotes on Instagram to know when someone is pretending to be okay when they really aren't AT ALL okay. But what we really connect with is how Furney reacted to a pretty big change in plans: with a great attitude and a genuine acceptance of a tough situation. Furney said, "Despite how hard it is to move on, I just need to find the positives out of this and move forward with my life."

And he did. He became Assistant Coach to his former teammates, then after he moved into a different part of life, became co-owner of the newly opened House of Air in Crowley, Texas.

Who knew that your favorite trampoline park point of sale provider could hook you up with so much knowledge? We did. And if you need anything else, hit the "Contact" button on the top of the page.

Interested in learning more about Daniel Furney? Check out this article.

Want to look at what House of Air Crowley is up to? Head here!

Happy Su-Monday, everyone!

Spring Cleaning for Summer Fun

Though it doesn’t feel like it through most of the country, winter is officially over tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow marks the Spring Equinox, also known as the official first day of spring. Cue the tulip bulbs to start popping up!

Regardless of your feelings on gardening, it’s still a perfect time to dig into some spring cleaning. So get ready for our top tips to get your family fun center in tip top shape for spring.

First Impressions Matter

The outside of your building is very important, as it serves as the first thing your customers notice about the place! If you have any “green space” on your property, it’s time to take another look at it. Call a tree-trimmer, organize a lawn mowing service if you need it, and plant some easy-to-maintain bushes in the garden beds. Take a look at the whole exterior of your facility and write down any fixes you might need to do. Think about re-painting, fixing windows, re-painting the parking lot, or even calling a professional window-cleaning service.

Same Goes for Inside

Take a long walk around the entire inside of your family fun center. Do you need to have anything fixed or replaced? Basketball nets wear out, foam bumpers start looking crumbly, and foam blocks need a little pick-me-up. Focus on the key pieces to keep safety in check.

Think With Your Stomach

Not excited about going through concessions numbers? We feel that. But we also feel that there’s always room for improvement. Take no prisoners and resolve to toss out the slowest selling item of last year (take into account seasonality--nobody wants hot chocolate in the middle of July!) Try something new: smoothies or fancy flavored sodas might be your new best-seller.

Focus on the Biz

Ignoring software updates? Stop it and spend a day or two updating your internal infrastructure. Test your backup system and your Trampoline Park Software in its entirety. Update your Trampoline Park Point of Sale Software so everything’s easy to use. If it’s not seamless, give us a call and we’ll show you what we can do!

What's on your to-do list for spring?


Keeping it Local: Tips to Make Extra Money

We’ve heard it a millions times, “Money ain’t everything.” But it is a way to feed your family, and one of the only ways in modern society (unless you live on an idyllic farmer’s commune). So, in light of that, keep reading for a few tips to make some extra money from your family entertainment center.

Look into local food trucks, and the possibility of hosting a small-scale food truck park a few times a week. Charge a reasonable fee for them to set up shop and feed all of the local businesses around your location. You might not get many jumpers on their lunch break, but you will get more eyes on your place and a little extra dough.

If we had a dollar for every famous person we know… it still might not be a lot. But, if you have a local X Games athlete in your neighborhood, it might be worth hitting them up for lessons. Kids love learning new tricks, and you can charge a small fee for use of the foam pit they’ll be flipping into. Get them into their lessons fast with our Electronic Liability Waiver setup!

You know what people can’t get enough of? Puppies. Get in touch with your local animal shelter and see about teaming up to host a pet adoption event. Dogs barking in your parking lot not your thing? There are plenty of other non-profits that will help you attract new customers. They might not have a big budget, but doing some good will really help your PR with the locals. Plus, you can still sell concessions to everyone coming by to pet some doggos. Looking to upgrade your Trampoline Park POS to make that happen? We can help with that.

Who are these “famous bloggers” we keep hearing about and what do they do? To be honest, they all do different things. One thing we know for sure is they’re always on the hunt for something new to try. That’s where you come in. Reach out to some bloggers from your area and host a party for them. They’ll bring their photographers (most of them have one on staff!) to capture great moments. Consider a few different options: some will work on trade, providing you with great content for your social media accounts whereas others will probably want discount codes for their followers. Think out of the box and grow your biz!

Looking for more great tips? Keep checking in here. Interested in Active8 for Trampoline Park Software or Family Entertainment Center Software? Get in touch with us via the “Contact” button at the top of this page!