trampoline parks

  • Online accounts let your customers book and manage their events
  • Event management tools let your team easily manage the process
  • Online & kiosk waivers tie directly to customer accounts
  • Smart wristbands to track activity and have competitions


  • Boost your bottom line with online booking capabilities
  • Let your customers be prepared - have a waiver before they arrive
  • Send automatic booking reminders
  • Market to the individual, not the crowd 


  • Let your customers create e-invites and plan their own party
  • Waiver kiosks for your customers to fill out electronic waivers
  • Run reports from the customer database for marketing
  • Smart wristbands let you go cashless and increase revenue


  • Make online ticket buying easier by adding family and friends to an account
  • Manage waivers online or at a kiosk in your store
  • Discover customer patterns and trends with the customer database


  • Let parents set spending limits on their kids accounts to increase revenue
  • Online waivers are integrated to the customer database
  • Easily create quotes for your customers


  • Customize your online booking page with logos and color schemes
  • Fast checkin with license scanning
  • Sell memberships in the store or online
  • Integrate contracts and waivers directly to the customer account

Indoor Play Centers

  • Let your customers log back in to manage their events and add items
  • Send automatic booking reminders
  • Manage open capacity without a second thought
  • Manage open play and private party schedules

Roller Skating Rinks

  • Add family and friends to an account to make ticket-buying easier
  • Customer data for reporting and improved marketing effectiveness
  • Use smart wristbands to manage open capacity
  • Utilize a touch-screen for faster and easier checkin

Ice Skating Rinks

  • Boost your bottom line with online booking
  • Let customers manage their e-invites through an online account
  • Use smart wristbands to track activity and run competitions
  • Customize your point of sale screens to fit your specific needs