Online Customer Accounts

Allow Your Customers to Do More Online to Improve Satisfaction

  • Ticket Sales
  • Party Booking
  • Event Managent
  • Waivers
  • Family & Friend Management

Electronic Waivers


Online & Kiosk Facilitated Waivers

  • Tied to Account
  • Tied to Ticket Sales
  • Tied to Customer Database
  • Waivers from any Smart Device

Waiver Kiosks

Free Up Your Line

  • Sign Waivers - Fast Form with Drivers License Scan
  • Sign for a Family All at Once
  • Integrated into the Checkin Process

Time Clock & Employee Scheduling

Don't Let Your Scheduling Bog You Down

  • Use a Scheduling Template with Rules & Priorities
  • Let Employees Check Schedules from Home
  • Allow Employees to Post Schedule Swaps
  • Remote Manager Approval of Swaps

Point of Sale

Stay on the Cutting Edge with Modern Hardware 

  • Quick and Easy Transactions
  • Till Management with Integrated Cash Control
  • Barcoded Tickets & Receipts
  • Fast-Scan Customer Checkin

Mobile POS

Untether and Watch Your Business Grow

  • Tableside Party Checkin
  • Tableside Waivers
  • Fast & Easy Party Management
  • Standard Hardware

And many other features

  • Single Solution for All of Your Needs
  • Single Credit Card System for Web, POS, & Mobile
  • Web-Based Service - More Secure & Automatic Data Backup
  • Robust Customer Database
  • Support When You Need It! - On the Weekends