Active8 was launched as a joint venture between Wentworth Technologies and Best American Trampolines to meet the specific needs of the trampoline park industry.

However, Active8 was designed with other industries in mind.  Please visit our industries page to see how Active8 will fit your needs.


About the Partners

Best American Trampolines is the worldwide leader in trampoline park design and construction. They have over 40 years of industry experience ranging from residential to commercial, offering their customers the highest levels of customer service, product knowledge and superior product craftsmanship.

Wentworth has been in business since 2002, providing high-end software products to industries ranging from Banking, Industrial, and Manufacturing, to Commercial and Retail.  Wentworth specializes in web-based design integrated with mobile applications for smart devices.  This combination of technology, allows for powerful tools that meet critical business needs.  Active8 is the second Point of Sale system designed and created by Wentworth

It is the combination of Best American Trampolines' market insight and Wentworth's expertise and experience with Point of Sale technology that makes Active8 the preeminent solution for your needs. 

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